Saturday, June 4, 2011

How do I change a clutch in my toyota pickup?

Its a 1989 toyota 4x4 with a 22re 4 cylinder engine. Help!|||First I would suggest getting a manual for the truck. It will have a good write up on this but above all it will have the torque specs you will need for the bolts during re-assembly. Start by chocking the wheels, setting the e-brake and un-hooking the battery. Next start with the easy stuff, remove the shift boot from the shifters and remove the shifters. Remove the starter, driveshafts, speedo cable, and any wires that might be connected to the tranny. If you have a hydralic clutch you will need to remove or disconnect the lines from it as well. Hopefully with the 22re your exhaust does not get in the way... you shouldn%26#039;t have to remove it to get the tranny out. The tranny and t-case together weigh about 250 lbs. I would recomend a good transmission jack, if that%26#039;s not a possibility you can use a regular floor jack but you will need an extra friend to help you usually if you don%26#039;t have the tranny jack. Go ahead and remove the bolts that hold the transmission and engine together. There are usually a couple at the top that are hard to get to from underneath. You may have to get them from the top. Remove the bolts in the transmission mount at the crossmember and jack up the back of the tranny. Now you can remove the crossmember. Then let the tranny back down a little and it should slide right out... usually with a little persuasion. Now you can remove the pressure plate from the flywheel. The %26quot;clutch%26quot; is between the flywheel and pressure plate. Remove them and the flywheel. I would take the flywheel somewhere and have it re-surfaced, just ask at the parts house where you get your parts and they can tell you where to get it done... they may do it. While your having that done take the time to replace the rear-seal in your engine and any seals that you can in the tranny while you have it out. Once you have that done and the flywheel back you need to replace the bearing in the center of the flywheel and grease it (this is a different bearing than the throw-out bearing that operates your clutch)... then bolt it back up and torque to spec. Now you can put the new clutch, pressure plate, and throw-out bearing in. Be sure to use the clutch alignment tool that comes with your clutch/pressure plate. It will look like the end of the input shaft on your tranny, and if it didn%26#039;t come with the clutch/pressure plate then you can buy it seperately. Torque all of that to spec and you can start putting everything back together.

I would also suggest checking your clutch slave cylinder. If it%26#039;s in the tranny behind the throw-out bearing than I would change it anyway since you already have the tranny out.

I can do it on my full size bronco in about 5 hours not counting the time it takes to get the fly-wheel re-surfaced. Usually about 2-3 hours to get everything apart and 2-3 hours to put it back together.

Good Luck!|||2 ideas:

1: buy an original Toyota shop manual


2: buy a chilton manual for the toyota.

good luck. If you have some mechanical ability, some decent tools and some time you should be able to undertake this project.|||You take it to a shop.|||its not hard but you will need a trans jack or to big Buddy%26#039;s trans is heavy , i would recommend a manual , but like i said trans is heavy and you must remove it so be careful. saving a few dollars is not worth getting smashed