Saturday, June 4, 2011

How to change a clutch in a 1985 pontiac fiero?

do i have to pull the motor or drop the cradle to change the clutch on my 1985 pontiac fiero gt 4-speed.....|||Drop the cradle, have fun, they are a nightmare to do.|||Click this link here;鈥?/a>

then select Year, Make, Model and Engine.

Then %26quot;Drive Train%26quot;, then %26quot;Transaxle: for complete, step-by-step instructions on removal of transmission. Then %26quot;Clutch%26quot; then %26quot;Driven Disc And Pressure Plate%26quot; for R+R on that stuff. You can click the pictures to enlarge.

It%26#039;s just like doing a clutch on a Chevy Citation, except backwards. (physically, not sequence-wise) Make sure you use the Engine Support Fixture, so it don%26#039;t fall out on top of you.||| Done enough of these in my days.

You only need to take out the cradle bolts on the drivers side and it will drop enough to get the trans out, you may need to loosen the passenger side a couple of turns, but it is easily done.